We sell AED (Defibrillators) and comprehensive First Aid kits, details as follows:

AED: The iPAD SP-1 is a British Heart Foundation endorsed Defibrillator and you can purchase this with full CPR refresher training to give you confidence to reach for the easy-to-use unit and potentially save a life before the Ambulance arrives.  Price on application.  Key features:

  • One set of pads with a switch for either Paediatric or Adult (Age 8+) use
  •  Battery life in 'standby' mode is 5 years
  •  Resuscitation Guideline changes can be upgraded via an SD card
  •  7 year Warranty

    AED 1AED carrycase

First Aid Kit                                                                               
Cost : £10.00 (total)This easily-portable 40-piece First Aid kits to help you respond effectively to an accident.  

Contents include face-shield, foil emergency blanket, 2x ice packs as well as plasters, bandages, sling, cleansing wipes, microporous tape, scissors, dressing

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