COVID-19 : Keeping you safe

Keeping you safe when you attend our courses is of paramount importance.  

PLEASE NOTE: No attendee is to attend if they have had any recent/current Covid-19 related symptoms or they are living with someone who is isolating due to symptoms or recent travel to high-risk areas.  Here are some of the measures we have put in place for courses :

Provision of gloves and antibacterial wipes (attendees can bring their own masks but to use gloves provided as they are guaranteed not to have been worn or used by anyone else).

For adult / workplace accredited courses when practicing CPR in this current climate, we demonstrate rescue-breaths (and explain their importance) on a manikin but do not ask candidates to practice this aspect of CPR,  It is, however, essential everyone practices compressions (with gloved hands)..

For Paediatric accredited courses, it is important candidates demonstrate the rescue breaths as well as compressions. During this practice it is mandatory candidates use the Resucitation Faceshields provided which are to be discarded at the end of the course.  Again, compressions to be practiced with gloved-hands.

For all accredited courses, the trainer will guide candidates through the Recovery position and sling procedures which does require contact with another person.  Gloves are mandatory during this process.  Candidates will be provided with their own practice bandages and have the choice to practice on a colleague if both parties are willing on the course or on themselves.

Any concerns or queries, please do get in touch : [email protected] / 07798 855664