COVID-19 Update on Paediatric First Aid (PFA) Certification Renewal (from / EYFS)

'..... if PFA certificate requalification training is prevented for reasons associated directly with the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, or by complying with related government advice, the validity of current certificates can be extended by up to 3 months. This applies to certificates expiring on or after 16 March 2020.

If requalification training is still unavailable, a further extension is available to no later than 30 September 2020. If asked to do so providers should be able to explain why the first aider has not been able to requalify and demonstrate what steps have taken to access the training. Employers or certificate holders must do their best to arrange requalification training at the earliest opportunity. The practical elements of PFA courses should be delivered face to face, so that competency can be properly assessed.'